Family Reunions: Ausman, Bushendorf, Goetz, Haag, Paff, Webert, Vollendorf, ???

This site is devoted to our family reunions and additional information. Here are photos from several reunions, held in Eau Claire. The older reunions were held at Carson Park, and the more recent ones, including the 2017 reunion were held at Mt. Simon Park. Next reunion will be in June of 2019!

Added in June 2017: 2017 Reunion, 2017 Video Interview, 1992 Reunion, 1993 Reunion. Goetz and Paff genealogies.

Genealogy terms: geb = born, gest = died, Ehemann = husband, Ehefrau = wife, verh = marriage date. Numbering system: 1 is the first generation, 2 is the second generation, etc.
Götz (Goetz) Genealogy
Pfaff (Paff) Genealogy

2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion Video Interview of Participants

2015 Reunion Photos Here is the slide presentation given at this reunion about the trip six of us took to Olberode, Germany last September (ancestral home of Goetzes, Weberts, and some Paffs) for their 650th year celebration.

2014 Trip to Olberode, Germany Information. Olberode is where our Goetz and Webert ancestors came from:
- Invitation and trip details - updates to be posted as more info becomes available
- Olberode's web site for the 650th - updates to be posted as more info becomes available

2013 Reunion Photos and Introduction Videos One and Two (My apologies - I missed recording the first two Bushendorf Introductions)

2011 Reunion Photos

2009 Reunion Photos

2009 Reunion Videos: Part 1, Part 2

2005 Reunion

2004 Reunion

1993 Reunion - added June 2017

1992 Reunion - added June 2017

1979 to 2005 Reunion Photos